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Photo Courtesy: www.gurleensawhney.wordpress.com

Nectar to my throat,
Blood to my heart,
Air to my lungs,
Oh lady, you are the life-giver
to me, to my loins.

The pearls of water,
a sheen on your blossoms;
You are a nubile maiden,
a nymphet, ascended from heaven.
My lady, you are the love of my life!

I remember the touch,
the twitchings on your face,
a pleasure to my sensile manhood.
Oh love, you are the yellow mistress of spring,
nonpareil in your beauty and senses!

Sweat beads flowing through your neck, embonpoint,
in the unbearable summers of north,
spark the love in me, my mistress!
Love so amorous,
it pierces my heart with longing
when you are not around.

Your sweet rose-water cheeks,
converging on your hiemal nose,
the trust I see in your golden eyes
on a chilly winter day,
makes me serve you my entire life, young love!

How do you feel about this?