The really awkward moment when we have absolutely, logically, and scientifically denied the existence of the capability of a human being to perform otherworldly miracles such as curing cancer without medicines/herbs, curing brain tumour without any doctor, but still in the 16th year of the 21st century, a process known as canonization is performed to grant the status of ‘sainthood’ to a human by another human. Both of them lifted to the hypocritical status of the messengers of God. And the process can only be performed if the supposedly ‘saint’ has performed at least 2 miracles or better known as intercessions, posthumously.

Intercessions mean acting as an intermediator between God and humans, thus helping humans solve their problems (indirectly helping them heal from diseases and performing other similar miracles). In this case, in order to be declared saint, the person has to perform these miracles from within her grave. And there I was, thinking that medicines and doctors heal people!

To mention it clearly, Mother Teresa has been beatified into a saint because it is believed that she saved two lives from her grave acting as an intermediator between the patient and the God. One of them was suffering from cancer and the other was suffering from Brain Tumour. Oh, Gosh!

Another wonder is that the Chief Minister of Bengal, Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, and External Affairs Minister, Ms. Sushma Swaraj are in Vatican on taxpayers money just to witness the ceremony of canonization of Mother Teresa, a ceremony that costs Vatican around £400,000 i.e., around 3.7 crores Indian rupee. Much for ‘the altruism?’


Mamta Banerjee, Chief Minister of Bengal in Vatican City for the canonization of Mother Teresa.


Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, said to have worked with Mother Teresa before, attending the canonization ceremony of Mother Teresa in Vatican City.


External Affairs Minister of India, Ms. Sushma Swaraj, attending the canonization ceremony of Mother Teresa in Vatican City.

One more question arises at the peak of this debate, ‘How would Indian media have reacted if Mother Teresa was not Catholic?’ We still have not gotten over from the self-loathing and our on-the-knees attitude towards the English (white skin!) even after 70 years of independence from 300 years of English rule! If Mother Teresa would have been a Hindu Saint, a Jain Monk, or a Buddhist Monk, our media would have already character assaisinated that sadhu, like they did with Swami Nityananda, Asaram Bapu, Sant Rampal, and others. Of course, these sadhus deserved that. But here I am forced to write about the apparaent hypocrisy and doubly attitude of Indian media on the character of Mother Teresa when Baba Ramdev is always under media trial for everything he says and believes in. Again, Baba Ramdev should answer to people, but so should the life of Mother Teresa be questioned.

And it’s not just media, almost all Indian politicians have justified the ceremony of canonization and consider Mother Teresa to be a saint now. To deflect the controversy coming their way?

To point out a couple of things which can be easily known and verified from credible sources, Mother Teresa believed Abortion to be the biggest crime by a human being, and didn’t allow people to use condoms for sex, even in cases when it was absolutely needed. Many times, she didn’t allow patients to take medicines, and believed that God would heal them if he wishes to!

I am not doing the character assassination of Mother Teresa, though I know many people who claim Mother Teresa to be an absolute fraud. All I am asking for is an openness in India to question what she did. All I am asking for is the same attitude in Indian media for Mother Teresa as they have for Baba Ramdev. Enough with the Indian nodding to the supercilious attitude of the Church!

Yes,  Mother Teresa was a motherly figure for many and I believe an altruist from the heart (or maybe not!), but her life was full of controversies which she herself created because of her radical beliefs. At the end of the day, we must thank her for spreading the message of altruism as much as we can, but the problem is that she believed in everything Christianity, in Christian Evangelism and preached it more than humanity. Such beliefs can definitely lower the cost of a mere human life since you start believing in the existence of heaven and hell, and self-righteousness engulfs you so much in it that you consider yourself the judge of life and death. You think humanity is like a chess game played by God and Devil and we are mere pawns, and thus, some lives must be sacrificed to help the God win the game. This is exactly what jihad means, fighting for the will of the God. But where is God except in the minds of the people who believe in him?

All I am against is the hypocrisy of the religious organisations, especially the Vatican in this case. Golden church ceilings, diamond studded corridors, millions spend on a simple process of canonisation or beatification of one man/woman, just because of its symbolic importance among the Catholics, despite when millions of humans die every day because of abject poverty and hunger all around the world. If they have so much money, why doesn’t it all go to altruism? Or the money and the gold only belong to Gods and of course, the pope and saints, chosen by humans?

For information, the church has declared approximately 2700 people as ‘Saints’ since its inception.

How do you feel about this?