There has been a lot of hue and cry over the release of “the juvenile” who was one of the five rapists who allegedly raped, tortured – and some say he was the main culprit who inserted the rod into her and took out her intestines – Nirbhaya, or her real name, Jyoti Singh. Listening to the people’s voice, BJP has once again introduced The Juvenile Justice Bill in parliament after Shashi Tharoor excellently quashed it in May this year when it was first introduced. Let’s revisit that excellent speech by Mr Tharoor to make sure we have a better discourse over the issue in public in future.

Perhaps, the most difficult thing to do today on internet is to take the side of a juvenile, not this juvenile, rather all children who commit heinous crimes, like murder and rape at a young age. The well deserving and necessary public outrage over the Nirbhaya incident has turned the tables against all the juveniles in this country and somehow motivated the public to go astray from the real discussion and demand hanging of all those who commit such crimes irrespective of their age.

If I am writing today, I am only writing because I cannot see the demand for barbaric punishments by civilized men and women to the children of all ages. Yes, rape and murder are heinous crimes, but what about those scientifically uneducated, emotionally underdeveloped, morally uneducated children who couldn’t understand the gravity of crime they committed? Imagine a 12-year old boy, a 17-year old girl, another 18 year old boy, who are jailed in the same prison along with hardened criminals, serial killers, rapists, and more. Imagine, we as a society, hanging a 17 year old child on national television! Oh, as Shashi Tharoor say, we know where this is coming from, the Nirbhaya Case. The Nirbhaya case shook the conscience of the country for good. It made us aware and governments more answerable for such heinous crimes. But there were 5 criminals, and one of them was juvenile. Was it not easy for four others to convince the juvenile, an uneducated juvenile to rape the woman, and term it as okay! Do we, as children, not always follow our elders and never question them?

I need not say anymore over the topic, because Shashi Tharoor has already laid out all the points necessary for us to understand before taking this discourse forward in the public domain.

Watch the video and thank people of Thiruvananthapuram to chose Mr. Tharoor to represent them in the Indian Parliament which is otherwise full of not-so-wise men and women, who would do anything for vote bank.

Also, someone please make this guy our next Prime Minister!


How do you feel about this?