Modi completes one year in office and all I can find on internet are the articles full of analytic analysis of his performance in thousands of different sectors in our economy, well not just economy, on political, cultural and many other aspects as well. It seems to me like every political commentator is judging Modi. Every journalist wants to rate him. And every reporter’s success just lies in covering Modi.

Modi is a big man. Modi creates news and Modi rules it. All the way from television prime times to journalistic articles, to opines, all is covered of Modi, Modi and Modi.

But what about a common man?

What does a common man, going to his job everyday, coming back to his family every night, who watches prime time, sometimes looking for entertainment in his busy life, and sometimes attracted by the heated debates on the future of our country in news channels. What does the common man think of Modi?

Oh, well, this is why journalists are also conducting polls, and surveys and trying their best to know what the common opinion about Modi on the grounds on his first anniversary in office. Do you think asking a few city brats about what they think about Modi or his government’s first year can tell you the real picture? Do you think the elites who answer polls and surveys can possibly have the same picture of Modi as the rural and the urban middle class which constitutes the majority, or the poor? What do the poor think of Modi?

I don’t know. I don’t want to know. This is why we have elections. Don’t we? To know what people think.

But it’s okay. We live in a democracy. So, debates, opinion polls, and surveys are good. It keeps you aware of what is happening inside the country. Though, I am not sure whether an absolute obsession with one personality is good for a democracy or not?

If you would ask me, how did Modi do? I would say, “I don’t care!”. Yeah, I don’t care. I gave him 5 years, 5 years of his life to contribute in the service of this nation and I will only judge him near the completion of these 5 years. One year is complete and he looks determined to alter the fortunes of my country, so far it looks good. But what else can a common man say?

He might have caused the increase in our growth rate. But is he capable of changing it in just one year? He might have increased our foreign reserves. But isn’t it because of lower oil prices? He might have helped creating a global image of my country as a destination for manufacturing. He may have launched some really brilliant schemes. He may have caused sensex to go higher and higher. But didn’t it go more higher when Narasimha Rao was our PM? He may have brought the Land Acquisition Bill for India’s growth, but would we really be growing if our agricultural growth is going down?

I know enough about Modi and his policies to separate the positives and negatives of his one year tenure. But does the common man know enough? Or does the common man even care?

What we require here is patience and understanding that Modi is not a messiah. He is a man like you and me. We expect him to deliver more than we ever expected from any other PM, but we also need to patient and realize we live in a democracy. One man doesn’t rule India. One man cannot rule India. India is ruled by hundreds and thousands of minds. And when we have so many minds framing the policies, time must be given to them.

I know Modi government could have done better in many fields and sectors. But I won’t judge them today. I would wait until elections and only judge them when I put my vote into the ballot box.

This is the essence of a democracy. This is the power of a free world.

I would let political commentators and journalists do their job. I actually love reading their good, bad and obsession driven articles. Oh, we live in a healthy and vibrant democracy!

How do you feel about this?