[Text and Photographs by Ayush Kaushik]

The king of the sky.

Got a glimpse of this royal scene somewhere in the noon sky ruled by the mighty eagles.


USA’s first woman President.

Got a glimpse of this revolutionary scene somewhere on a wall in New Delhi (it could have been in the USA, but all the dreams were crushed yesterday)
(Published on 10th November, 2016)


Why I assassinated Gandhi?

Got a glimpse of this insane scene in which a murder was justified. Not any ordinary murder but the murder of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi (On the other hand, the scene was also liberal in the sense that a murderer has been given an opportunity to explain himself)


How exquisite, rare, and elegant! Let me take a close up of the Persian text because I don’t understand a word of it, but it looks like a great art to me.

Got a glimpse of this typical tourist scene somewhere in Persia’s India.


Even the Panwala is not accepting the 500/1000 rupee note.

Got a glimpse of this scene almost everywhere in India, today.
(Published on 9th November, 2016)


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