The Indian Sage’s Book Reading List for 2017

Can we find a reason in everything we do? In meagre and mundane affairs of life, yes! But in spiritual, celestial, and emotional affairs, I don’t think it is possible to rationalise everything. Most of the human beings who like to call themselves rational are only associated with mundane issues of social and political life. They either like to be indifferent to the spiritual, emotional, and celestial affairs of life, or follow a single line of reason on those roads. It is like knowledge is the city nobody can enter. The closest a few individuals reach on rare occassions is its outskirts. The true knowledge is the understanding that you cannot know everything and this knowledge of the unknowable brings peace to the mind. Nevertheless, my goal is to reach the outskirts of the city of knowledge with inner peace and the knowledge of the unknowable. I wish to establish the order of rationality in the mundane affairs of life with reason and knowledge, and humility and peace.

Well, to attain knowledge and establish the reign of reason in your mind, you need to read books. You need to enter into the minds of other humans, know history, perspective on another perspective, and much more. So, to learn more in 2017 than I could in 2016, I am preparing a month wise list of books I am going to read in 2017.

I would also like to invite all my readers and anyone who likes to read to join me in the bibliophile’s endeavour.

I have fixed 2 books for each month and hope that I would be able to read 24 books in 2017 (All this keeping in mind the minimum number of hours I get in a day to read books). Not a big deal? Hell Yeah!

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My list of Books:

(I have only added books for first 5 months of 2017 as per my reading pattern in the December of 2016. I will update it on the 30th of every month with new books in the list, number of books I read till date, and the links to my book reviews!)

Do not forget to fill this form to tell yourself how many books you are planning to read in 2017. And your comments on the books that I should read in 2017 are more than welcome.

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