Faith in karma means you take responsibility for your life and your history. You don’t blame others for your ‘fate’. You stop being a victim.
– Devdutt Pattanaik.

Karma, the volitional actions that are undertaken knowingly or deliberately, is part of big cause and effect theory which lies at the very roots of four major religions across the world, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Karma theory is quite simple to understand for a bourgeoisie mind. It says for every action there is a reaction in a frame of time, and this eternal cycle of time also cause the basis of reincarnation and rebirth theories.

So, basically, if you do a good deed, you also experience good in your life, and if you do a bad deed, bad things happen to you within a frame of time. The explanation of good and bad deeds is also there in each of the four religions. Mostly, selfish nature (rajasik karma), and supremely selfish and savage attitude (tamasik karma) come under bad deeds. It means you have to be an altruist, then only you can attain peace and good things will happen to you.

I, in my most excited stance, clap with both hands at this wonderful theory, that has been brought in this world to make people responsible for their actions and not blame themselves as victims of the unknown powers that they can neither comprehend nor objectify. I sincerely bow in front of the sages who evolved this theory over time, and the mighty sage who must have created it.

But then, is this world a game of chess? And are we pawns?

Do people have no right to know that Karma theory is only a theory to make everyone do good deeds and so that the world and humanity doesn’t fall into anarchy?

The debate over Karma theory is full of platitudes. So, I am only debating over the theory there, rather only presenting my view over the statements of Mr. Devdutt Pattanaik.

Well, the truth is we can not control every action, or reaction in this mighty world. We can neither control nor cause earthquakes. We cannot stop our vehicle from colliding another vehicle, neither does our good karma in the past affect it. The truth is we can not stop death and birth cycles. We can not resuscitate the dead, but we can kill the living. We can not stop plane crashes, neither can we stop tsunamis, or terrorist attacks, or colliding of a meteor into Earth.

We are mere humans, who are not capable to stop the mighty. We are weak and do not posses super powers. We can only control our actions, but our actions can never guarantee our safety in this world.

We will die one day, that is the truth and we can not stop it.

To support the karma theory, there is web of lies, i.e. the reincarnation theory, the afterlife theory, the heaven theory, the Pataal theory, and more. All such theories are there, just so that you do good deeds in life and the world doesn’t fall into anarchy.

Well, in the end, I believe these reasons are good enough for such fake theories to exist without much opposition. I know truth because I can look into this world through the eyes of the creator of such theories, but I don’t believe everyone will understand my stance.

I have been an atheist for more than 4 years now. I pity those who believe in god and can’t see the real truth through their naked eyes, but that doesn’t mean I humiliate or humble those who believe in god. My only focus is to understand the need of creation of god. Each individual has the right to keep his faith and exercise it with full autonomy. And I respect that autonomy. Though, I can not refrain from the pity in my eyes. Perhaps, at an elder age, I will understand the need to create god, in a more cogent way, but today is not that day.

The Dilemma

Though, I said, to make people do good deeds, and to stop the world from falling into possible anarchy, such theories are required and exist for the greater good of humanity. But sometimes, I am not ready to accept the argument I just gave. I doubt if such theories are removed from the roots in the wide world, a state of anarchy is possible. I doubt if the creator of such theories took the bourgeoisie and the proletariat class for dumb and decided to not tell everybody the truth their whole lives. I wonder if a life full of certain faith in an identity which never existed nor exists in present, give our life a meaning or take away the meaning from our lives.

I ponder over this discourse within me and realize the loss of meaning in life, without the ultimate realization that ‘death comes to all’, and no one can hide from it under the disguise of theory of reincarnation.

I realize if I cannot consider my life meaningful without understanding the need for the creation of god and such theories, why should I see it differently for the entire world. I don’t care if humanity falls into anarchy, for me a few enlightened souls are enough, for me the fact that I could help somebody understand the concepts better is enough. For me, the view of absolute faith in a fake identity is more painful to observe than a world of anarchy.

But then, I am still in the dilemma over my two drastically different thoughts. Perhaps, I need your guidance.

How do you feel about this?