Recently, the third emperor of the Mughal Dynasty and the mightiest of all Mughal Dynasty rulers Jalal ud-din Muhammad Akbar’s ghost was found roaming around his own tomb near modern day Sikandara, Agra, India. It appears that his return to the mortal world in the form of a ghost is to review the growth of his subjects in more than 400 years after this death. Some superstitious locals have reported that he is planning to submit his report before his 411th death anniversary on 3rd October 2016 AD.

We present to you a never-before-published, first-on-internet insight into his thoughts as he visits various places of his interest. Keep a track of his movements exclusively with

Akbar’s ghost woke up after a hiatus of 411 years to see this ceiling.


Akbar’s ghost came out of his grave in September 2016 AD and his chest puffed with pride when he saw the evening silhouette of his own tomb. But the self-pride was short-lived and turned into ashes to give birth family pride when he later saw The Taj Mahal, created by his grandson, Khurram urf Shah Jehan.


Mighty Akbar was wondering what happened to all the carpets, jewels, and rare and semi-rare stones engraved in the walls, floors and ceilings of his tomb when he encountered a local man, who asked him if he wanted a guide for his short visit to Akbar’s tomb. When Akbar’s ghost accepted his services, he asked him to pay ₹200 for the complete tour of the premesis.  Akbar’s ghost immediately refused the offer and walked away grumbling at the ill manners of the people of Hindustan in 2016 AD. Well, no local had ever asked him for money in exchange of their services before, as he thought after he intelligently judged Rupee to be the modern day currency. But the guide followed and kept telling Akbar’s ghost things like, Akbar built the tomb before his death, and the tomb was looted in 1691 once. This made Akbar so curious that he stopped at the moment and asked the guide to tell him everything about it in return of one of his invaluable diamond carcanet. After checking the opulent jewels around his neck, the guide asked for two of them in return of his prime services. Startled, Akbar gave him two opulent jewels and he immediately started talking about the history of the tomb. He told him that the tomb was ransacked and Akbar’s remains were desecrated by Hindu rebels known as Jats in 1691 AD. They looted all the gold, silver, gemstones, and burnt the remains of mighty king Akbar. The guide stopped in between. despite in hurry himself, looking at the red face of his super rich fancy dress show winner customer. Akbar immediately moved away from him and brisk walked towards the exit. The guide followed. 

With much difficulty, Akbar’s ghost was able to hide himself behind the tall green bushes before the exit. Only one thought crossed his mind. He needed to see his wife, Jodha.


Akbar’s ghost saw these ruins outside his tomb and after much thought remembered the majestic architecure with octagonal plinth to be one of his harem + tavern located a couple of kos away from his majestic fort in the city of Akbarabad. Out of curiousity and but with restraint, he enquired about it with a local from 2016 AD. The local said, “It used to be one of the rest houses of Sultan Sikander Lodhi more than 600 years ago. He was the greatest King in Lodhi Dynasty. The place you are standing on is known as ‘Sikandara’ on his name, and even the greatest city of India during Mughal time is known as Agra on his name.”

Akbar wanted to die again but smiled and walked away in search of his wife Jodha.


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