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Why we need a new “Jaipur Art Festival”, keeping the existing “Jaipur Literature Festival”!

I wanted to be among the writers, thinkers with intellectual acuity. I wanted to listen to their thoughts and see if I stand among them or if legends are just a faff. I wanted to rate them on a scale. I wanted to look into their minds and know if such people exist. I wanted to know why writers write, why singers sing, why journalists try to be candid, and why audience has so interest in them. I wanted to know more about the audience at such events. I wanted to see whether it is just a festival where every attendee is served scotch and beer at night or more than that. I wanted to see if the audience is a group of some wannabes or they really carry the ability to discern, and to be perspicacious.



Letter of gratitude to Vladimir Nabokov by a young fan who didn’t know he died in 1977!

Dear Vladimir Nabokov, I won’t say I am your fan. But I feel gratitude to you for it is your work that has inspired me the most, rather it is your work that made me realize I have a tumultuous mind that desperately wants to

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