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This is Kiku. Kiku made us ROFL, but has been jailed for the same. Support Kiku! Be like Kiku!

Comedy Nights actor and Comedian Kiku Sharada has been arrested for mimicking a self-styled Godman, Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji and has been sent to 14 days of police custody. He was arrested from Mumbai by Harayana Police. Oh, I guess we don’t have

16 Good Reasons to Travel Alone at Least Once in Your Life | The Traveling Sage

For a carte blanche life You have a carte blanche when you travel alone. You can go anywhere you wish to go, do all that you’d always thought to do once, and eat, drink, and smoke as per your wish. Basically, you become the owner

Why I Read More than One Book at a Time | The Indian Sage

I do not read one book at a time. I do not read two books at a time. Rather, I read multiple books at a time. How did I come to this stage? It is difficult to propose a channel through which I reached here,

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