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8 Reasons why you should never follow only one individual!

When you decide to follow one individual or an idea, it seems the eternity, you go through the finally-search-is-over moment and decide it is your destiny to follow this guy. But you are wrong here. If you decide to follow one individual, it may turn things around for you. It may make you a staunch fanatic. All this for those who choose to follow someone, but the worst are those who congenitally follow someone. They are the true fanatics! Read 8 reasons why you should never follow an individual/idea/politician/leader/boss/godman/god. But this doesn’t mean you should not know about them. Read all religious books, follow all leaders and politicians, listen to all godmen and make your own different path in the never ending katzenjammer of Life.



JE SUIS BAGA never came out, JE SUIS CHARLIE was the bout!

Millions gathered in Paris, United, firm and absolute, For freedom to express, To draw, to write, to opine. Billions watched as they walked together, against violence, for the cartoonists, who drew Mohammad, Pope alike, who ridiculed religion, politics alike, who offended many, but loved by

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