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The Humble Subway {Short Story} | The Indian Sage

Everyday, I have to walk through the same path. It is a long walk, and I have no option but to take it everyday. As I walk down the footpath, I see the modern cubular facade with red-stone marbles and walls higher than the number

Luxury {#200WordStory} | The Indian Sage

As the early sun-rays descended on Earth through the horizon, and reached to his eyes, filtering through the earth’s majestic atmosphere, he wakes up, carrying the sweet satisfaction of a sound sleep on his new bed, sleeping alongside his mother and father. It is his

Katzenjammer of Love { #150WordStory} | The Indian Sage

Is she attracted to someone else? She has not been herself for last 10 days. Is this the end to our relationship? Why is she doing this to me? What wrong did I do to her? She is making me weak. She hasn’t even pinged

The Sinking Courtyard {Anecdote} | The Indian Sage

A day when I was perhaps only 5 years old. I was ready to go to school, shining bright in my white shirt and shorts with a tie having oblique, red and white parallel lines, and a belt of the same shade. I had put

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