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This is Kiku. Kiku made us ROFL, but has been jailed for the same. Support Kiku! Be like Kiku!

Comedy Nights actor and Comedian Kiku Sharada has been arrested for mimicking a self-styled Godman, Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji and has been sent to 14 days of police custody. He was arrested from Mumbai by Harayana Police. Oh, I guess we don’t have

India needs to debate state-sponsored executions, not Yakub Memon’s religion & innocence! | The Indian Sage

Update: Yakub Memon was hanged till death in Nagpur’s jail at 7 AM in the morning on 30th July, 2015. This article was written a night before he faced gallows.¬† All day long I had been reading articles on Yakub Memon, people contemplating the death

The Dilemma over Karma Theory | The Indian Sage

Faith in karma means you take responsibility for your life and your history. You don’t blame others for your ‘fate’. You stop being a victim. – Devdutt Pattanaik. Karma, the volitional actions that are undertaken knowingly or deliberately, is part of big cause and effect

JE SUIS BAGA never came out, JE SUIS CHARLIE was the bout!

Millions gathered in Paris, United, firm and absolute, For freedom to express, To draw, to write, to opine. Billions watched as they walked together, against violence, for the cartoonists, who drew Mohammad, Pope alike, who ridiculed religion, politics alike, who offended many, but loved by

Religion – A word that dominated 2014!

2014 was definitely a significant year for India yet I can not really conclude what will this signify when we will look at it 20 years later. 20 years, as a safeguard that BJP would definitely not be in power by then and some guy

#illridewithyou gives hope!

I am not in good mood today. People are making me sick. They always do! Not everyone, but most of them! Humans have been slaves, masters, thinkers, writers, dreamers, kings, pawns, bourgeois, priests, and every other designation you can come up with or have an

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