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Why Valentine’s Day is more Indian than Western

Like a friend giving many solutions to love problems, there are as many views on celebrating Valentine’s Day as there are people in India. Everyone has a unique understanding of the festival ,whether it should be celebrated or not, whether people should be beaten for

A Craving for Greener Milieu {Poem}| The Indian Sage

At half past four in the small morning hours of a May summer day before sun rise, I sit on a concrete slab on terrace; my legs folded, eyes closed, waiting for the mighty sun to appear before me, waiting to embrace the beauty of

Young Love {Poem} | The Indian Sage

Nectar to my throat, Blood to my heart, Air to my lungs, Oh lady, you are the life-giver to me, to my loins. The pearls of water, a sheen on your blossoms; You are a nubile maiden, a nymphet, ascended from heaven. My lady, you

I, a skiff, and an encounter with sun-rays! {Poem} | The Indian Sage

Stroking the paddles,
the skiff was rowing mid-stream,
I could see nothing but knolls and cliffs.
The river taking sharp turns,
grappling with gravels, and bergs,
making way like the potentate and imperious.
It’s flow is transcendental,
more promising than Oxytocin,
more ravishing than a nymphet.



Let her fly. Sky high. With no sigh. {Poem} | The Indian Sage

Let her fly. Sky high. With no sigh. Let her live a happy life, with no major dive into the sea, from the sky, piercing the clouds and water alike, reaching the bottom, of sea with no gill, only to come out, fighting own will,

The Crow and I {Poem} | The Indian Sage

As I lifted my eyelids, adjusted my spectacles, came out of my quilt, got on my sleepers; As I walked to the balcony, calibrating my vision, I saw no sun, but fog and rain. With dankness all over, I saw wet roads, trees, flowers, and

JE SUIS BAGA never came out, JE SUIS CHARLIE was the bout!

Millions gathered in Paris, United, firm and absolute, For freedom to express, To draw, to write, to opine. Billions watched as they walked together, against violence, for the cartoonists, who drew Mohammad, Pope alike, who ridiculed religion, politics alike, who offended many, but loved by

Imagine if, disinformation works!

Air is thin, as is information. It rotates, whirls; litters into storm. Ruckus curls, altering it’s form. Unseen, goes unnoticed. Unspoken, hurts. Imagine if, disinformation works! Vehement, staunch; A bourgeois is born. Devoid of a sect, signs a pact. Follows one, remembers none. Brooding momentary

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