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Why Valentine’s Day is more Indian than Western

Like a friend giving many solutions to love problems, there are as many views on celebrating Valentine’s Day as there are people in India. Everyone has a unique understanding of the festival ,whether it should be celebrated or not, whether people should be beaten for

Katzenjammer of Love { #150WordStory} | The Indian Sage

Is she attracted to someone else? She has not been herself for last 10 days. Is this the end to our relationship? Why is she doing this to me? What wrong did I do to her? She is making me weak. She hasn’t even pinged

Young Love {Poem} | The Indian Sage

Nectar to my throat, Blood to my heart, Air to my lungs, Oh lady, you are the life-giver to me, to my loins. The pearls of water, a sheen on your blossoms; You are a nubile maiden, a nymphet, ascended from heaven. My lady, you

Let her fly. Sky high. With no sigh. {Poem} | The Indian Sage

Let her fly. Sky high. With no sigh. Let her live a happy life, with no major dive into the sea, from the sky, piercing the clouds and water alike, reaching the bottom, of sea with no gill, only to come out, fighting own will,

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