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The Humble Subway {Short Story} | The Indian Sage

Everyday, I have to walk through the same path. It is a long walk, and I have no option but to take it everyday. As I walk down the footpath, I see the modern cubular facade with red-stone marbles and walls higher than the number

Luxury {#200WordStory} | The Indian Sage

As the early sun-rays descended on Earth through the horizon, and reached to his eyes, filtering through the earth’s majestic atmosphere, he wakes up, carrying the sweet satisfaction of a sound sleep on his new bed, sleeping alongside his mother and father. It is his

Sansa Stark was raped this week, but then Sansa Stark isn’t real | The Indian Sage

Warning: This article contains spoilers. Do not read this article if you haven’t watched the sixth episode of fifth season of Game of Thrones – “Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken”. Otherwise, it would be unfortunate to tell you that Arya Stark died. Oh, I am kidding! She

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