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Why Opinions Matter

Everybody is opinionated The world is opinionated. You are opinionated and I am opinionated. The kid who took birth in the modern world and is feeding on the internet is opinionated and the kid who has learned the rules of life in a government school

Facebook is doing a scam on Indians & this is how you can still vote for Net Neutrality & Digital Equality | The Indian Sage

UPDATE – Sign this petition to save internet! I woke up this morning to receive a Facebook notification that three of my hundreds of friends have sent a message (copied at the end of the article) to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) in support

Decide today, whether you support or reject same-sex marriages; India is waiting for a change | The Indian Sage

With every good and necessary social trend on internet, there is also a juxtaposed hue and cry on unwanted topics with major side trends, afterwards trends, unproductive trends, unnecessary trends, and by-product trends. Are such trends necessary? Lets discuss this in detail in the wake

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