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Bengal’s Love Affair with Vrindavan | Solo Traveling | Vrindavan, India | The Traveling Sage

Have you ever heard about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu? Well, he rediscovered Vrindavan around 500 years ago in early 16th century. He belonged to a Bengali Brahmin family, and thus began the love affair of the mighty Bengal with the tiny town of Vrindavan located on the

9 minutes of pure faff! { The Stream of Consciousness – Experimental Writing } | The Indian Sage

I wrote this piece on 2nd Feb, 2015. Well, I can’t really say I was emotionally stable back then, but then a writer is never stable, mentally. This piece is a form of experimental writing which is called Stream of Consciousness – discovered by Virginia

Briefing on Beefing up of the Beef Ban {Office Chronicles #1} | The Indian Sage

Warning: In no way, this is a promotion of cigarettes. Smoking causes cancer. It is injurious to health. I, Kim, and Sartaz, as usual, were waiting for our morning tea, pretending to work while sitting at our respective cabins in office. In what seemed like

How does it feel to be sick?

Sticky fluid, denser than water, is constantly flowing through the nose. I – surrounded with 3 different white handkerchiefs for 3 different purposes – use one of them to wipe my red rose exactly when I feel the sticky fluid coming closer to the wide

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