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The Indian Sage’s Book Reading List for 2017

Can we find a reason in everything we do? In meagre and mundane affairs of life, yes! But in spiritual, celestial, and emotional affairs, I don’t think it is possible to rationalise everything. Most of the human beings who like to call themselves rational are

Why Valentine’s Day is more Indian than Western

Like a friend giving many solutions to love problems, there are as many views on celebrating Valentine’s Day as there are people in India. Everyone has a unique understanding of the festival ,whether it should be celebrated or not, whether people should be beaten for

Why I Read More than One Book at a Time | The Indian Sage

I do not read one book at a time. I do not read two books at a time. Rather, I read multiple books at a time. How did I come to this stage? It is difficult to propose a channel through which I reached here,

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