Warning: This article contains spoilers. Do not read this article if you haven’t watched the sixth episode of fifth season of Game of Thrones – “Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken”. Otherwise, it would be unfortunate to tell you that Arya Stark died. Oh, I am kidding! She lives.



Ramsay Bolton raped Sansa Stark at the end of episode 06, season 05 of Game of Thrones. Yes, you heard it right. And the whole world is going hullabaloo over it. Though, Indians seem to remain unfurled by the abusive scene shown by the HBO’s Game of Thrones. Causes are unknown. I mean India is actually the place in the world where a fair debate on death sentences for Rape cases, and the equality women deserve in society is going on. I mean I am really surprised that the feminists in India are still silent in their den about the horrendous rape of Sansa Stark at the hands of Ramsay Bolton and in the presence of creepy Reek alias Theon of House Greyjoy suffering from amnesia.

Nonetheless, the world is going mad about this scene. Many big magazines and GOT fanatics have issued warnings of boycotting the TV series. But it isn’t the first time they have done that. Even after the consensual rape of Cersei Lannister by Sire Jamie, there were some voices of dissent and accusations of misogyny on the cast and crew of HBO’s Game of Thrones. And of course, how can Sir George R R Martin be left exonerated. Though, people don’t seem to notice that there are significant differences between the book and the TV series.

theon watches

In the book, Sansa Stark is never raped. Ramsay Bolton marries Jeyne Pool and rapes her on his wedding night in front of the creepy Reek. But isn’t a rape a rape? And what about a fiction is a fiction?

What angers me more is that people never voiced their aggravations with GOT after the rape of many women in brothels on TV screen, after the never aired rape of the Stark sister by Rhaegar Targaryen, when Ramsay cut off Theon’s manhood, when someone unknown cut off Varys’s manhood, when The Mountain raped and killed the sister of Oberyn Martell, when Khal Drogo raped Daenerys Targaryen, and even the rape of Jayne Pool would have remain unnoticed if they would have followed the books in the TV series.

Why is that now, after the horrendous rape of everyone’s beloved Sansa Stark, is everyone coming out and speaking against HBO’s Game of Thrones? I mean why such hypocrisy?

Whatever that is happening, I am pretty clear about it. I was clear about it when Khal Drogo raped Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen and the camera brutally showed the face of the Mother of Dragons, and I was also clear about it when I watched the sixth episode of season five and Sansa Stark was raped so inhumanely by the monster Ramsay Bolton and the way camera only showed the crying and tormented face of creepy Reek. I was Reek at that moment, I was feeling what he was feeling as a viewer of the crime taking place in front of him.

But then it is fiction. It is pure fiction. Perhaps, the HBO people are stupid enough to use such scenes for their monetary benefits. But do I blame them? No. Because it is fiction.

And George R R Martin has the same response to all his fans.
It is bloody fiction.

And in the end, by realizing it is only fiction, I also realized that Alfie Allen alias creepy Reek alias Theon of House Greyjoy performed marvellously. He deserves a Emmy. I hope they give him a bloody Emmy.

How do you feel about this?