[Images and text by Ayush Kaushik]

The colors of Rajasthan.

Got a glimpse of this colorful street somewhere in India where thousands of different cultures and traditions have survived peacefully over thousands of years.


The magical and athletic girl child whose performance received a series of claps and left the audience awe-struck, or a girl’s ruined childhood without a proper education who is forced to do daily labor for one-time food in a day?

Got a glimpse of this childhood scene somewhere in the unequal world where your future is decided by the family you are born in (well, in most cases).


A drug addict Indian sage or a spiritual Indian sage?

Got a glimpse of this tripping scene somewhere in the heartland of India where herbal (plant) drugs are not considered bad but are treated as recreational products that take you closer to God and increase your spiritual quotient. Isn’t that really true?


Poor animal or poor humans?

Got a glimpse of this intricate scene moments before the deboarding of passengers from an overloaded ship of the desert, somewhere in the ocean of desert in India.


Let the sun slide down the rope to disappear below the horizon.

Got a glimpse of this cliche scene (for all photographers) somewhere in Pushkar, the photographer’s paradise.


How do you feel about this?