Like all the other highways in India, there comes a toll collection point as soon as we leave Jaipur. I wonder why government want us to pay toll tax, vat, service tax and other redundant taxes when we already pay income tax, house tax, electricity bill, internet bill and what not!


Capturing a three dimensional world in a two dimensional photograph is a tough job and a moving photographer (at a high speed) doing mobile photography makes it tougher.


When you do mobile photography while in a high speed mobile bus, this is exactly how it looks like.


It looks like Rajasthan is one of the least populated states in our country, keeping in mind it is the biggest state in India. Well, I didn’t see many people there!


Another beautiful click of a truck moving in high speed, clicked while seated in a bus moving in high speed in the opposite direction. Confusing! Isn’t it? Well, you simply enjoy the mobile^2 photography.


Rajasthan looks no less green than Haryana or Punjab during monsoon season. Lush green fields as seen on the Ajmer-Jaipur highway in the month of August.


After traveling throughout the day from Jaipur to Ajmer via Kishangarh, and then Ajmer to Pushkar, I finally reached Pushkar before sunset, and was able to capture one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

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