A cow checking out different people, looking at what they put on, listening to them talking about beef, waiting for someone to join their hands in front of her and say “Gau Mata ki Jai”, looking for an opportunity to scrounge for food in the garbage, confused over why people don’t really help her but hypocritically call her mother, frightened of that one man who would come, hit her, and say “hush, hush”, in one of the most prominent alleys of Vrindavan leading to Bankey Bihari Temple.


5 destitute walking on a street in Vrindavan; three are human, and two Cow.


Cows, on the banks of the sacred river turned sewer Yamuna in Old Mathura, trying to be Chameleon to protect themselves from barbaric humans who not only torture them, but also kill them, cook them, and eat them.




13 cows having lunch together on the streets of Pushkar. These cows are slaves to the two women as seen in one of the above photographs. But the tragedy is they don’t give them food themselves. People buy food from these two women and feed the cows out of sympathy for the animals. Animal love is no longer a strength, it has become a thriving business!



Buffalo trafficking happening openly under the wide sky. It has been heard that buffalo and kin have demanded a police consisting only of bulls to protect their trafficking.


A Cow desperately trying to be a lion in the market alongside the Pushkar lake, though humans didn’t seem to notice.


Cow, enjoying the basic rights as humans, like bathing in the sacred Pushkar lake, or at least walking on the Ghat without someone shooing her away.


A Cow meditating on one of the 52 tranquil ghats of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India. I didn’t disturb her.


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