Two sacred bullocks (male of Cow) – one of them shedding tears – pulling a carriage full of girls coming back from school with “Bull Power” written on it.

This photograph has been dear to me for more than one reason.

On 15th August, 2015, when I was strolling on one of the most prominent roads in Vrindavan, I heard some voices,
“Gandhiji zindabad”
“Bhagat Singh zindabad”
“Inquilab zindabad”
‘Lots of mirthful laughter in low immature, shy, girlish pitch, and an amalgamation of positive and negative hooting as if the hooter can’t differentiate between the two, and has picked up the art on street.’

I saw a bullock cart, followed it, and the loud slogans become louder, repeated themselves and the laughter became more happy. The girls saw me clicking their photographs, and their excitement manifolded.

The sight reminded me of my childhood, when I, along with my friends, used to do the same on the Republic Day and the Independence Day, except we used to be in a real bus.

One rarely sees a bullock cart these days, and on the rarest occasion would a Delhi brat like me ever see a bullock cart being used as a school bus to carry girls back from their school. Isn’t this photograph depict the best of India? The India that is determined to grow, crossing all the hurdles in her way. The India that has started to value her girls. The India that is jugaadu, and would have the work done anyway.

If you would see more clearly, you would see the oxen/bull to be either shedding tears at the time of clicking this photograph, or older tears weren’t cleared from his face. Some Hindus believe cow to be a sacred animal. Shouldn’t a bull, who is responsible for the existence of cows in this world, be as sacred as a cow? And then, how come nobody ever raise an eyebrow when we torture such animals to carry such heavy load. They are carrying our daughters, our future on their strong shoulders, but what are we doing for them, except using them politically to instigate gullible people who never question their Gods and religious traditions? Do we really care about these animals? And when would we stop our fanaticism? Only when cows would have rights similar to that of humans? Well, they are called ‘mother’ for a reason!

How do you feel about this?