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Love resides within you, even when you choose to not believe.

Hi to everyone.
My name is Ayush!

I am the author of The Indian Sage, a regularly updated blog that revolves around my quest to search reason, peace, love, laughter, and adventure in life.

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Reason Category

Since we reason with
ourselves & with each other,
we are able to learn
& unlearn every single
day of our lives.

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Welcome to The Indian Sage

I love a new day! A new day is an opportunity to travel to new places, meet new people, give words to your thoughts, and come a step closer to your dreams. On one such new day, I went to Safdarjung Tomb, a grand tomb of an obscure PM of Mughal India. But more than the tomb itself, I was amused to see culture of public display of affection in the humoungous gardens of the Mughal beauty. Here's my dispatch on it:

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Shouts and Whispers

My encounter with a hit-and-run case & why Salman Khan should be jailed! | The Indian Sage

I was riding my gear-less two wheeler for last 25 km on the heckling streets and highways of Delhi, when I saw a man lying unconscious, near the guardrail dividing the two contiguous sides of opposite flowing traffic. The haggard man with a frowzy appearance was babbling some spittle out when my sight wandered to a small puddle of crimson blood adjacent to his skull. The blood had incarnadined the asphalt road.

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