As the early sun-rays descended on Earth through the horizon, and reached to his eyes, filtering through the earth’s majestic atmosphere, he wakes up, carrying the sweet satisfaction of a sound sleep on his new bed, sleeping alongside his mother and father.

It is his first day to school, and he is much excited about it. As usual, he takes a bath and cleanse himself with the best available soap powder. After the bath, he goes outside the Ram Mandir, beside his home, to pray to God, for the well-being of his parents, and to show gratitude for everything his family could afford in this world.

His mother gives him the lunch box and he arrives at his school.

He sat under a metro bridge, on a carpet, and a NGO volunteer taught him the first letters in English language in front of his home, on the wide pavements near the Ram Mandir. River Yamuna flowed a few meters away in which he daily takes a dip, and rubs himself of river-side sand as it is the best available soap powder for him. He brings an empty lunchbox – his mother must have found while scrounging through heaps of garbage – to his makeshift school every day and the NGO provides him the daily meal.

How do you feel about this?