I was listening to some wonderful music when I wrote this poem out of nowhere. But while writing, I somehow wanted to make sure most of the life changing emotions humans can feel and experience are woven into this piece. It would be great if you can leave a comment after reading this poem.


I feel a splurge of sadness;
wistful me roams around,
like clouds incapable of rain.
Anger grips me for a moment;
pride follows with attitude;
ego comes soon and I suffer alone,
without my own shadow.

I feel tired, hunger strikes the first blow;
sleep remains aloof,
nightmares haunt day and night.
I crave for a quilt and a warm bed;
cold pierce my chest.
I cry out loud with ego swished away.
I shed tears, feeling despair and death.
I want to relieve my physical body
of the endless trauma engulfing my mind.
Suicide comes as a thought,
an end to the creation.

Roving around, I see a ray of light.
Hope knocks my door.
With suspicion I take the risk;
catches the single ray of hope
and feels the satisfaction of a filled belly.
I look at god and feel blessed.
Happiness comes soon;
food, sex, family, all joins.
I feel more blessed and prays more.
I am dependent on god.

Money starts flowing in.
I become joyous, laughter comes my way.
Greed comes in stealth.
I care for my family more;
draw a circle of protection.
Wealth doesn’t leave my side.
I die leaving behind an empire
for my offspring.

My child is curious,
and sensitive to emotions.
He doesn’t want gold.
He demand fulfillment of pleasures.
Pleasure is none but women and grass.
He savors, he writes.
He opines, he crafts.
He plays music, he plays chess.
He never marries but travels
in search of the missing part,
the unknown reality.

He meets a monk: a teacher,
devoid himself of all pleasures and emotions,
mastered already.
Soon, spirituality walks beside him.
A permanent smile of satisfaction and purity discovers him.
He feel known, and otherworldly
with confidence as his partner,
and love as his weapon of emotion.
He shares his love with all humans,
He donates, he does charity.
He becomes altruist, ascetic and a hermit.
He believes in himself,
and confronts the truth in his own identity.
He doesn’t to pray to another identity.
He feels responsible for humanity.
He lives tranquilly.
And die naturally
under the sky,
within his own mind.

How do you feel about this?