Let it flow.
none to bend it,
wrench, or veer away.

Let it flow
in the mighty Ganges
alongside voluptuous dolphins,
men, women bathing,
and carcasses floating.

Let it flow
in the vast Indian Ocean
alongside sharks,
piranhas and ships,
parrying the nets,
in the salty water
with no hope but death.

Let it flow
through the billion taps,
into the buckets,
on our naked bodies,
catching our dirt,
whirling into the drain,
to become the sewer.

Let it flow
from the clouds in the sky,
clearing the air,
onto the lands, rivers, and seas alike,
onto the humans, animals, and birds alike,
onto the Indians, Americans, and Europeans alike;
Into the sewers again.
Into the rivers again.
Into the oceans again.
Let it flow;
this is life.

How do you feel about this?