Let her fly.
Sky high.
With no sigh.

Let her live
a happy life,
with no major dive
into the sea,
from the sky,
piercing the clouds
and water alike,
reaching the bottom,
of sea with no gill,
only to come out,
fighting own will,
to learn a lesson,
with succession.

Dives are lessons,
to be learnt,
but I can not see her suffer
anymore, that I love her.

She is happy today
busy sewing her dreams
She has friends today
which I had lost, forgotten,
in our journey together
for I could see none but her.

Slowly I must disperse, go away
for her, from her.
I must forget her
sweet lips, resuscitatable hug.
The freedom to touch her.
The liberty to live her.
I must forget.
I must forget.

More than her,
I need to go away,
to retake control of my mind,
to no more procrastinate,
to write my own fate,
to do what I preach,
to never make another screech,
to become a sage,
writing page after page,
to realize love,
to realize pain,
to release love,
to release pain.

Let her fly.
Sky high.
With no sigh.

How do you feel about this?