Is she attracted to someone else? She has not been herself for last 10 days. Is this the end to our relationship? Why is she doing this to me? What wrong did I do to her? She is making me weak. She hasn’t even pinged me for a while now. She was never so indifferent to my calls. I need to find answers to my questions. I love her, and I must confront it with her. I need to talk to her looking into her eyes.

It flowed, like a river, in my thoughts as I raced the accelerator of my bike and met with an accident. I couldn’t feel my legs. While losing consciousness, I saw tiny puddles of crimson blood on the asphalt road, but that didn’t stop the wave of thoughts in my mind, ‘It is all my fault, I must have done something to face such problems in my life. I hate myself.’

How do you feel about this?