Millions gathered in Paris,
United, firm and absolute,
For freedom to express,
To draw, to write, to opine.

Billions watched as they walked together,
against violence, for the cartoonists,
who drew Mohammad, Pope alike,
who ridiculed religion, politics alike,
who offended many, but loved by more,
who died unknown, a seed was sown,
who inspired many, within cacophony.

A few days after, a few kilometers away,
sons and daughters were butchered.
Mothers and fathers, killed in sleep.
Thousands vanished, nobody peeped.
None shed tears, thousands only know.

Millions walked, not for them.
Billions saw, not them.
JeSuis Baga never came out,
JeSuis Charlie was the bout!

Sydney, Peshawar left pearl,
France, Baga should never hurl,
an abyss of hate, among fellow mate.

The world is humongous.
Many religions, more rituals!
Exist together, eat together,
not religions, but men.

None was born a religious man,
but was sure a born man!

None was born a religious woman,
but was sure a born woman!

How do you feel about this?