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  • A horse neighing and starting to run into a gallop as painted on a wall outside the palace of Udaipur.

With beautiful lakes surrounding the city, unprecedentedly wonderful lake sides, the architecturally magnificent royal palaces, and lush green countryside a few kilometers away from the city, Udaipur is a jewel among all the cities in Rajasthan, India.

It is certainly the most opulent royal city of contemporary times, well preserved and carefully maintained for guests with lots of gold and money.

When I was in Udaipur, many such things amazed me, but one thing that was almost everywhere was the beauteous works of wall art carefully drawn all across the city by the city corporation. And surely, local people followed because I also found it on the walls of many residential buildings. It looks as if it has become a trend to have horses, elephants, and dancing men and women,  on walls inside and outside your house. But I must say, I am in love with this thing!

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