I am not in good mood today. People are making me sick. They always do! Not everyone, but most of them!

Humans have been slaves, masters, thinkers, writers, dreamers, kings, pawns, bourgeois, priests, and every other designation you can come up with or have an idea about. They have seen it all. But the worst part, they don’t live for more than 100 years. The better part, they are intelligent enough to devise languages and ways to converse. It pierced my heart when I used the word intelligent for humans. Because they are! Much more than just intelligent; they are the creators and the destroyers. They have everything today other than immortality which seems like a far away business. But since we can think of a future, hence our existence in present. We know how future would be. We define it ourselves, with our imaginations, excellence and will to survive. I worry for the day when we have immortality, for I will also be immortal with as much men and women earth can carry. I worry for the day when we don’t depend on earth anymore. If such a day arrives in future, this article won’t be worth visiting again.

Religion is created by humans. I wrote this line so that every other guy who is intolerant of freedom of speech ends reading here and leaves me alone. Yes, as I said we have seen fair share of thinkers and planners in the past. We have seen fair share of people who wanted to help humanity by giving them a path to follow. Yes, I mean the gods that we pray today. The people we follow today. None of them ever wanted us to be a fanatic listening to none other than one voice. Any individual who follows but one, is destined to have a slave mentality. It is not possible to know humanity or this world, if you follow but one. It is not possible to be a dreamer or a thinker if you are staunch in your opinions and are not ready for a change. You are destined to be a factory worker if you do not read different thoughts – I mean books and not one type of books –  and think emphatically.

You think each one of you know this world very well. But actually none of you do and I fall in the same category. The age of information is upon us. Never in the past have we seen such a flow of information. Never was information so cheap and accessible to all. It seems like an age of glory and enlightenment. But the truth is exactly the opposite. Information may or may not be knowledge. Information can be conspired and created on own. As much a chance you have to know more about this world, as you also have to be influenced by a piece of misinformation or disinformation. This age gives an edge to thinkers, dreamers, and empaths. It provides them with resources so powerful that they have almost fifty percent more chance to influence the ordinary. But the ordinary has almost the same chance to reach to the level of an influencer, a thinker, for it is always about resources and not a lowly mind. People may have different attitudes, thinking levels and intelligence but it is always because they have different resources and not because they are born this way. Any body with decent upbringing and massive set of resources can achieve whatever they want to. Please do not bring in the exceptions when somebody has a disease or a tragedy just past by someone’s life.

Today, some guy who was living in Australia for past 18 years picked up arms and ammunition and held a siege full of hostages at a cafe in Sydney. It is not that such incidents have not happened in past but it is that my country, India, is also going through a transition. I am not a lover of stereotypes, but sometimes I can not resist using them. I apologize for that.

India, another country looking for recognition in the world dominated by a set of countries in the west. Other such countries seem to be Russia, Iran, China, Japan, Indonesia and unfortunately North Korea – which most people think is full of psychos. Any other nation with sense of nationalism above humanity or a strong religious identity also falls in the same category. I have no problem with any religion of the world. They all preach humanity in the best ways possible. Please do not misunderstand any religion for those pseudo people who preach them the wrong way. No religion in the world want people to destroy humanity. But definitely some religions have a little ego and generate a sense of pride among their followers which make them prioritize their religion and its safeguarding above everything else.

I have no problem or objection with anything unless you are not purveying hatred of other religions. This is where the problem lies. You broadcast hatred for one particular religion for some deeds highly convergent to the deeds of a particular geographical identity and in this way you end up sparking hatred everywhere in the world. Humans are emotional and sentimental animals, they love something their entire lives and are ready to forfeit their their own identity and existence for their love. If you stand and say, “You there! Yes, you! You have been doing the wrong thing all your life”. Then, there is definitely a chance that the guy won’t like it and would find some way to prove he did nothing wrong.

Any way, religion is killing people today and I am not liking it.

I am also pretty sure there is no end to it and the situation will only escalate in future. Quite obviously, there would be many people who would lose their faith in god forever, which can be good as well as bad for our existence in future. Many would denounce their gods and many would become emotionally shattered to ever believe in god again. Some would preach their own religions as the best alternative and some would conspire to attain power. There has always been a struggle within humanity and it will be persistent in future.

India is having a right wing government at the centre. Of course, the negativity of the world is effecting India. It’s once proud and flamboyant diversity of religions may become tomorrow’s battleground.

Why is there negativity in the world? Again, it is on how you take in the vast amount of information available. I believe the world was much more dangerous (literally) earlier. Much more incidents, wars, and accidents used to happen. But today in last few years, with the advance of technology and the ever growing internet population, most people know what is happening in the world as soon as something worth news happen anywhere. More worlds like India and China are better connected to internet today than ever. A rape is reported in India and the west reacts before India could. A black is killed in USA and the whole world knows. Students get out to streets in Hong Kong and the whole social media rallies behind them. A siege takes place in Sydney, we come up with #illridewithyou in support of our brothers and sister who are brought into the debate for no reason at all.

Yes, there is still hope. #illridewithyou gives hope. A point of unity in diversity gives hope. The ever increasing power of intelligentsia gives hope. The power of social media and be able to express yourself gives hope. The power of standing together against those under the influence of ego, pride, self-esteem, anger and religious fanaticism gives hope. All these are the traits of every human, common to the level of being clearly visible in my own writings. We don’t need to get rid of such emotions, we just have to stand together and we would become invincible. The use of the word invincible always ends up creating a sensation in my heart. This is our level, we are made up of sentiments and that’s what makes us strong!

How do you feel about this?