Like every other nationalist Indian, I cried last night when a retired army officer had to shed tears to convince people of the importance of Indian National Flag and how many people have died to save its honor! It brought tears to my eyes, that how people – blinded by their hatred for BJP – have forgotten to understand the importance of Indian National Flag and the dead bodies of millions of martyrs under its pole.

Well, I understand, the motive behind Smriti Irani’s decision to hoist a flag in JNU and other universities is on the grounds that nationalism, or country-love has to be re-instill into the hearts of thousands or maybe millions of students. But of course, she doesn’t know that each one of them is fighting for their country against the oppressors, for the oppressed. It is totally wrong on the behalf of BJP fanatics to put students, especially JNU students, under the category of anti-Indians because of one incident in which some unknown – still not apprehended and absconding – people shouted anti-India slogans.

But, whatever maybe the reason behind the decision to hoist Indian flag in central universities, there is no way any Indian should oppose it. That’s why when G D Bakshi cried on national television asking people to remember the army men who have lost their lives to defend the tricolor, I felt ashamed, not because I knew GD Bakshi, but only because I knew the contribution of millions of Indians in our independence struggle, for the tricolor, and the millions of soldiers who have defended us after independence, for the tricolor. I felt ashamed because an Army man had to cry convince others of his point.

Soon, I went ahead with my schedule, read some pages of a long book, and some articles, as a habit. It is then I decided to search more about G D Bakshi. Oh, I listened to his speeches about Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Indian National Army, our freedom struggle and Indian National Congress. I was flabbergasted at his views on many things. Oh, I request people to not take it as a comment against any Army man, I respect our soldiers more than any other category of Indians, but GD Bakshi is a sadist.  He supports Subhash Chandra Bose more than anybody else, which is understood and I have no problem iwth it. He supports him because of the major contribution of Bose’s Indian National Army (INA) in our independence, but does that mean he would sadistically enjoy the lathi charge on poor Indians who took part in Quit India Movement? Does that give him the right to make fun of millions of Indians who violently or non-violently bagged freedom of India from the hands of the British? Does that make it okay for him to ignore the contribution of all other Indians except INA in the freedom of India? Sincerely, I believe its okay to follow Bose more than Gandhi, or Gandhi more than Bose, or Bhagat Singh more than any body else. But does that mean we got independence only because of that one single person? No, not at all! We got independence because of a collective effort of all Indians from all spheres of life. Except there were some radicals like Vinayak Savarkar, who thought it better to fight Mahatma Gandhi than Britishers!

We all know Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was a radical who wanted an absolute Hindu Rashtra for Hindus, without giving even a small piece of land to any other Indian belonging to a different religion. He was the one who coined the term Hindutva. He opposed Quit India movement in 1942 and was even arrested for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi but then acquitted for lack of proof. He also submitted many clemency applications for 9 long years, boot-licking the British, when he was put in Andaman Jail, unlike the other freedom fighters of that time. Now, giving a speech on a stage with Savarkar’s photo in the background, does say something about G D Bakshi and his views!

Well, watch this video yourself to know more, and many others if you know how to Google!

GD Bakshi EXPOSEDWatch how GD Bakshi expresses pride in saying “British & RSS succeeded in crushing the Quit India Movement”. Also, the Sanghi stooge derives sadistic pleasure in recalling how Congressmen were beaten up by the British for wanting to hoist Indian flag on Red Fort.Did GD Bakshi cry on a TV program last night saying that the nationalist in him his hurt?

Posted by Gaurav Pandhi on Friday, February 19, 2016

Note* In no way do I vouch for the authenticity of this video! Watch at your own discretion!

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