To Narendra Modi​,
Honorable PM of India,

With all due respect and recognition of what you have done for my country in last one year, I thank you for serving my nation with due diligence and attention. But I no more see a man who wants to work for his country day and night to make sure it gets the due recognition in the modern world. The “I” in you is growing louder than ever. Egotism is fine. All of us suffer at the hands of ego and pride. But you are the Prime Minister, it is your duty to be humble, rather you seem to boastful of your work and even your humble beginnings as a tea seller. A humble man never boasts of his achievements and his humble beginnings, it’s an irony otherwise. You are not bigger than India itself, you are just the ruler of India which we appointed and we will change after 4 years. Realize the place of a democratically elected leader. You are like us. You are an Indian managing India. You are our chosen ambassador to represent India on the world scale. But you seem to have forgotten all this.

You may have projected India on the world scale as a brand, but does Brand India makes us feel proud of ourselves? No, Mr. Modi. We are proud of India because of it’s vast cultural heritage, it’s values, and the grandeur and the incomparable literature texts. We are proud of our spiritual nature. We are proud of our traditional medical system. We are proud belonging to the earliest civilizations in the world. We are proud of our origins with you as our Prime Minister. We were proud of our origins with Man Mohan Singh as our Prime Minister. He may have looked down on his own country, but we were still proud of India. On the contrary, it feels awesome to see you on our side, to feel the mammoth pride you have being an Indian. But then, I hope that pride is not because you are our Prime Minister. It must be because we have teachings of Swami Vivekanand, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Salman Rushdie, and many more intellectuals with us. It must be because we have Ramayana and Mahabharata as our immortal scriptures of abundant teachings and moral education. It must be because we had many forgotten saints to contribute as writers in Sanskrit to philosophy and art. It must be because we were ruled by Babur, Akbar and Jehangir who wrote their own scriptures and told the world about themselves more than 5 centuries ago. We must feel proud because of the culturally advanced Mughals who became one of us while trying to rule our country.



There is much that makes us feel proud being an Indian, and it varies for each Indian. But you, sincerely sire, have not made it to the list, not yet, not in near future. I am surely not proud of India because I have Narendra Modi as it’s incumbent Prime Minister. It would have been someone else if not you. India is sure to become what it destined to become. It will grow into a majestic spiritual nation, with suffrage, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression as the most basic rights of each individual. India will be awakened culturally, religiously, and scientifically. A good Prime Minister can surely propel us towards this goal faster, but we will still become what we want ourselves to become. People make a country, sire, not its PM.

I hope you understand why I feel insulted at your recent jibe in front of Non-residential Indians in Seoul, South Korea. You said, NRIs and Residential Indians didn’t feel proud of Indian a year ago and before that. You said, it is you who has made them feel proud of their country. Well, you are utterly wrong and misinformed. I hope you will apologize for what you have said in a foreign nation, on a foreign soil, in front of Indian origin people.


The Indian Sage

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