With every good and necessary social trend on internet, there is also a juxtaposed hue and cry on unwanted topics with major side trends, afterwards trends, unproductive trends, unnecessary trends, and by-product trends.

Are such trends necessary?
Lets discuss this in detail in the wake of recent rainbow phenomenon on Social Media.

Recently, Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS) gave a landmark judgement legalizing same-sex marriages within United States of America. A major section within the country was quick to take celebrations on Social Media to show their solidarity with the LGBT community by changing their colors to rainbow at all platforms. Major edifices, all across United States, were bathing in rainbow colors at night, including The White House and The Empire State Building. As if rainbow was the new cool, a lot of people within and outside States, added rainbow to their backgrounds in their display pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Major companies, houses,and celebrities followed the trend and changed their display pictures on all social media platforms (despite some outrage against it) to celebrate the victory of love. A major hashag #lovewins was also floated.

The White House was bathing in rainbow colors celebrating the LGBT pride on Friday. Photo courtesy: www.usmagazine.com

The White House was bathing in rainbow colors celebrating the LGBT pride on Friday. I hope for the day when Rastrapati Bhavan would bath in Rainbow colors. Too far? Uh! Photo courtesy: www.usmagazine.com

LGBT community has their own colors and rainbow is their flag. That’s why the choice of rainbow colors in background of all pictures. Even Facebook was quick to float a new and easy way of adding rainbow colors to the background of display pictures.

It has been almost 2 days since the landmark judgement and today, we can see the reverberation of the highly successful social media trend to change profile picture in the common households of India as well. Indians are also changing their display pictures, celebrating the pride, showing solidarity with the LGBT community.

But there remains a problem, rather a big problem.

India is full of social issues, stigmas, and taboos when it comes to marriage. You and your partner belong to different religion, sorry no green signal to marriage will ever be issued by parents. You and your partner belong to different caste within the same religion, sorry no green signal to marriage. Men don’t want dark complexioned brides, men only want virgin wives, marital rape is still not a considered as rape, and many people are still found accusing girls for rape.

Oh, there is no limit to problems that are still there in India and needs to be resolved before any real victory of love in India. We, of course, don’t recognize same-sex marriages. That looks like a long way ahead to be ever be able live in such an epoch of time in my country.

Now, all those who are celebrating by changing their display pictures, adding rainbow colors in the background, are they even aware of the cause of this social trend? Do they know what they are supporting by putting up such display pictures? Or are they just trying to look cool, and be in sync with whatever that is happening in the world?

I don’t know the answers to above questions. Maybe many people are aware of the fact that they are supporting LGBT rights by putting up rainbow display pictures. Maybe they are just doing it because everyone is doing it.

But then, many people are raising questions over the entire concept or trend of changing display pics to rainbow colors in India. They are terming every Indian an hypocrite who would refuse to marry a non-virgin the other day of posting a rainbow colored photo on Facebook.

There may be such a category of people, but as I had mentioned in the beginning of the article that there are always side trends, by-product trends to the main trend. But does that mean we should reject the whole trend as farce on social media?

I believe many, rather most of the individuals who have changed their display pictures, understand the reason behind it and are truly supporting the same-sex marriages to be made legal in India as well.

We have to come out of out skeptic outlook of our own country and see this as a change. If somebody is not aware of the reason for this trend, and make them aware by writing more about such trends on social media. But do not, I am saying “do not”, put your skepticism of this country as a reason for not taking part in a much celebrated social trend supporting the power of love all over the world.

Dear Indians,

I request you to know more about rainbow colors before changing your display pictures on social media. I request you to develop an opinion on the LGBT rights, if you don’t have any. I request to take part in the worldwide debate over the issue and slowly help India develop a matured consensus on the LGBT rights and then, force the government or the Supreme Court to reciprocate the majority view on this topic.

I have hope that one day love will win in our country, keep that hope alive, and refrain from crushing voices in this social trend of showing support for the LGBT community by claiming that India will never become what USA became two days ago, a free to love libertine nation.

According to a study, not so far away in 1990, a major section in United States was never in favor of same-sex marriages. But how did this opinion change in just 25 years? Such a smooth transition from bigoted stance to a libertine stance, well, this is the power of a democracy. Public views change, social stigmas can be thrown away, and taboo can rubbed from history.

I sincerely believe India can also do it, if USA can do it.

And India won’t take 25 years to do it.

How do you feel about this?