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Facebook is doing a scam on Indians & this is how you can still vote for Net Neutrality & Digital Equality | The Indian Sage

UPDATE – Sign this petition to save internet! I woke up this morning to receive a Facebook notification that three of my hundreds of friends have sent a message (copied at the end of the article) to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) in support

My 5 point tussle with Beef: Traveling, Facts, Hypocrisy, History, and Empathy! | The Indian Sage

One thing I learnt after traveling to 14 Indian cities, small towns, and villages all across India, and passing through many more cities, villages and towns, is that there are cattle, cows and buffaloes, everywhere in India. Actually, India is full of cows! From the

India needs to debate state-sponsored executions, not Yakub Memon’s religion & innocence! | The Indian Sage

Update: Yakub Memon was hanged till death in Nagpur’s jail at 7 AM in the morning on 30th July, 2015. This article was written a night before he faced gallows.  All day long I had been reading articles on Yakub Memon, people contemplating the death

Decide today, whether you support or reject same-sex marriages; India is waiting for a change | The Indian Sage

With every good and necessary social trend on internet, there is also a juxtaposed hue and cry on unwanted topics with major side trends, afterwards trends, unproductive trends, unnecessary trends, and by-product trends. Are such trends necessary? Lets discuss this in detail in the wake

A Depressing End to the Game of Thrones Season Five | The Indian Sage

But Is Jon Snow really Dead? The Internet is dark and full of spoilers, and apparently I am writing a big one. So, don’t argue later that you were not warned. Stop reading, drink coffee, and go back home. And don’t drink alcohol, because you

India’s love affair with Nestlé’s Maggi | The Indian Sage

Maggi is (rather, was) among the top 5 major Food brands (as per annual turnover) in India. Maggi is that wall that had never been breached for last 30 years, many brands like Top Ramen entered market and fought for the top position, many already

Unfair Use of Fake Fairness creams; Are they really required? {Office Chronicles #2} | The Indian Sage

Impenetrating the thick polluted air and an ever increasing wave of traffic, I reached office 20 minutes late on my bike. It was usual for me. So usual that I started lying to myself that it is the unprecedented yet regular traffic jams that cause

Briefing on Beefing up of the Beef Ban {Office Chronicles #1} | The Indian Sage

Warning: In no way, this is a promotion of cigarettes. Smoking causes cancer. It is injurious to health. I, Kim, and Sartaz, as usual, were waiting for our morning tea, pretending to work while sitting at our respective cabins in office. In what seemed like

Today is not the judgement day for Modi | The Indian Sage

Modi completes one year in office and all I can find on internet are the articles full of analytic analysis of his performance in thousands of different sectors in our economy, well not just economy, on political, cultural and many other aspects as well. It

The melancholic story of a melon-loving melancholic writer | The Indian Sage

I just happened to be in kitchen. I rarely happen to be in kitchen and when I do, I make sure it is just to scrounge for something tasty to be taken in a gulp down my throat. But it was different this time. No

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