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I am a proud Indian, but not because Modi rules India. {Open Letter} | The Indian Sage

To Narendra Modi​, Honorable PM of India, With all due respect and recognition of what you have done for my country in last one year, I thank you for serving my nation with due diligence and attention. But I no more see a man who

An Open Letter to RSS Chief, Mohan Bhagwat || Why India will never become your Hindu Rashtra!

Dear Mohan Bhagwat, I recently came across the text of a speech you gave either in Kolkata or Madhya Pradesh. I am not sure about the place and I don’t even intend to know. It is what you said, actually it is what you have

Letter of gratitude to Vladimir Nabokov by a young fan who didn’t know he died in 1977!

Dear Vladimir Nabokov, I won’t say I am your fan. But I feel gratitude to you for it is your work that has inspired me the most, rather it is your work that made me realize I have a tumultuous mind that desperately wants to

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