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Why Opinions Matter

Everybody is opinionated The world is opinionated. You are opinionated and I am opinionated. The kid who took birth in the modern world and is feeding on the internet is opinionated and the kid who has learned the rules of life in a government school

The Dilemma over Karma Theory | The Indian Sage

Faith in karma means you take responsibility for your life and your history. You don’t blame others for your ‘fate’. You stop being a victim. – Devdutt Pattanaik. Karma, the volitional actions that are undertaken knowingly or deliberately, is part of big cause and effect

A Depressing End to the Game of Thrones Season Five | The Indian Sage

But Is Jon Snow really Dead? The Internet is dark and full of spoilers, and apparently I am writing a big one. So, don’t argue later that you were not warned. Stop reading, drink coffee, and go back home. And don’t drink alcohol, because you

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