Welcome to The Indian Sage.

The Indian Sage is part of my quest to find Reason. Without reason as an ingredient, words cannot be understood. They become haphazard, move in different directions. Sentences and the paragraphs that follow them, fail to put a dent or to make sense, to the reader, without reason. To Reason is a great quality that makes a human an intellectual, a person on a quest to know more, to learn more, and to leave behind more than she ever learned. Reason sets humans apart from other species, and it is my quest to find reason in what I do and what I write.

But is reason enough? Are all humans reasonable? Is our heart reasonable? Are our emotions reasonable with us? While the reasoning is a quality, the reason is not always the company we are looking for. Therefore, my quest is also to understand love, perhaps the most unreasonable thing humans fall for, yet we do, not one but many times. Love is a salvation for some, a reality for others. It always surprises us, bringing out the best and the worst of us. Love is not a choice, it is within everyone, even those who yield the weapon of hatred.

Laughter, sometimes reasonable to you, sometimes to a bunch of your friends, and sometimes to thousands (or millions) of your social circle or followers. But most of the times, unreasonable not only to everyone around you, but also to yourself. We laugh because others make us laugh, and others laugh, because we decide to make them laugh or someone else. To find Humor, a virtue as great as Reason, is part of my quest.

Adventure is the dare, the risk, we are most afraid to take in life. Riding a bike can be adventurous, as can be sailing a boat or scaling a mountain. Marrying to the person you have never lived with, is also an adventure, for which some may be ready, and some can’t find a reason in it. My adventures may be different from yours, but there remains an abyss in life without adventure. And therefore, adventure is the fourth quest on which The Indian Sage is found.

The last quest would be to find peace, the greatest of all, and something whose sustainability has the power to end the entire quest in the interim. Though, it won’t be interim since peace is the end result itself.

The Indian Sage is the expression of my quest. Things I do, my thoughts, my travels, my stories, and my poems take you on a journey we all take!

Cheers, Ayush.