But Is Jon Snow really Dead?

The Internet is dark and full of spoilers, and apparently I am writing a big one. So, don’t argue later that you were not warned. Stop reading, drink coffee, and go back home. And don’t drink alcohol, because you are still a child.

Arya Stark has gone blind. Theon Greyjoy (Oh, thank you GRRM! He is no more a creepy Reek.) and Sansa Stark just jumped off a cliff into snow. Stannis Baratheon and all his family and force are no more. Another Lannister, this time a less famous and less loved one, has died of poison off the coast of Dorne. Danny is surrounded by thousands of horse riders who take their horses to their graves. And Jon Snow is probably dead (if we don’t believe in those hundreds of fan theories that somehow claim he will survive, though only George R R Martin, D.B. Weiss, and David Benioff can tell us the truth).

All my favorites are somehow lurking in the danger of either losing their body parts or die at the hands of traitors, and honest people. Problem is everyone is self-righteous in Game of Thrones. They all get high on honesty and dying for God, religion, rightful King of Westros, or their motherland. Even the night’s watch believe they killed Jon Snow for the watch, to protect it. They are unaware that most probably, John Snow is the resurrection of Azor Ahai, the lord of Light, the messiah, the protector of realm, the stallion who mounts the world, The prince that was promised, etc. But then, this is just a fan theory and it has not been established either in books or tv series.

The funny part here is book readers are no more ahead of TV series viewers. We are all on the same page now. Not even book readers know what is going to happen to Jon Snow, though there is certain positivity around the death of John Snow because of certain contemporary scenarios established in the last book ‘A Dance with Dragons’ by George R R Martin:

First, Melisandre is at the black keep, the Wall. Oh, she is capable of anything! Even resurrection! Everybody is counting on her for some magic!

Second, John Snow is believed to be a warg by many fans. Even in his latest interview to The Entertainment Weekly, Jon Snow said, “He wants to a warg and enter into the body of Ghost.” Weird that he said it and weird it was.

Third, many also believe that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, and Lyanna Stark. So, he is a Targaryen, who can’t be burnt. Oh, well, this relates to the Azor Ahai theory! Somehow, book readers say that Danny and Jon Snow are the two out of three prophesied Azor Ahai, (third may be any one of Tyrion Lannister & Arya Stark, or perhaps… Bryan Stark?) and they are going to save the world when White Walkers attack. This is the prophecy, but Jon Snow is an Azor Ahai is only a belief.

At the end of season 5 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, it looks like only Tyrion Lannister is safe, but looking at the inconsistency of logic in season 5 of Game of Thrones, I have lost all my trust on the HBO writers and show creators. It seems as if anything can happen any moment without any logical explanation to it. The mighty Stannis Baratheon, a patron of Lord of Light, is no more. Ser Jorah Mormont is roaming around, with everyone even Danny touching him, but not getting affected by the most infectious disease he is suffering from, which has been shown in the show to spread just by touch.

Hasn’t Game of Thrones turned into another Bollywood flick with things happening as per the wishes of creators of show and not by logic? It spoils my mood. It is as if show creators are only cashing in on the adrenaline, testosterone, and estrogen rush in the body of their viewers. They raped Sansa Stark but this never happened in books. Was it just to sell that particular episode? Stannis himself burnt his own daughter but never loses his emotional grip and understanding, still talking about duty before his apparent death at the hands of Brienne of Tarth. But all this never happened in books. And Brienne of Tarth only left her watch over the possible burning of candle at the top of one of the towers in Winterfell, seconds before the candle was actually burnt there by Sansa Stark. HBO’s Game of Thrones creators have also not brought Lady Stoneheart alias Cateyln Stark in TV series, as well as they seem to have forgotten the meeting between Melisandre and Thoros of Myr. We all know that Thoros of Myr has resurrected his friend Beric Dondarrion, several times. But none of this has been shown in the TV series.

Looks like they are really inspired by Bollywood.

Like every other Game of Thrones fan, it seems to me that I am ruined, devastated emotionally and psychologically. Two main reasons for this. One, Jon Snow, everyone’s favorite, is probably no more. Oh, how much I hate that wolf, Ghost, who didn’t come on time to rescue his master, but was there to save the bloody Samwell Tarly. And Samwell Tarly who abandoned his best friend at the time of his need and went to the Old Town to study and save his love of life. Love always comes between friends and friendship is always ruined because of love, no doubt about it.

Second, I would have to wait for another year to watch another season of Game Of Thrones. Isn’t a year too much a time to wait to see your favorite fictional world live again?

Mother’s Mercy is all I want.

But here is something that will cheer you up!

Buwhahaha! It is a fan video made by my friend, Harkirat Singh! I hope Jon Snow lives. Somehow. Anyhow!

How do you feel about this?