1. No one in the world can teach you everything. If you really have that passion to learn and to become a better human, you must never follow one individual/political party/ideology/group! If you have that spark of lightning to show it to the world that you are capable of moving heavy and watered clouds, you must learn from anything and everything you see and encounter in your life. A roadside beggar can teach you more than a politician in a day. An innocent kid can make you reflect on your life more than a Godman in a day.
  2. It makes you a fanatic. If you would follow one guy and believe in him/her to the fullest, it’ll surely hurt you when you things go wrong. And things will definitely go wrong because you’ll be blinded by your fanaticism to see through things. You’ll never doubt the person you follow.
  3. It makes you a fanatic and then fanaticism leads to radicalization and extremism. Today, you are only following the man, you have full faith in. Tomorrow you may be moving on your palms if he says so. You become a puppet when you start following one individual.
  4. Fanatics don’t listen to arguments. You may have strong arguments or beliefs to follow one individual, you may be moved by his ideas or devotion, you may have seen his pure heart and true intentions, but the day you decide to follow his path, you’ll go wrong the moment he goes wrong. Worst part is that you’ll never know you are going wrong.
  5. Fanatics are full of prejudices. Your thought process will be influenced by the guy you follow. You’ll start thinking his way and perhaps miss hundreds of different perspectives and opinions to a single situation or event or idea.
  6. You’ll start hating those who disrespect or offend your master/guru/religion. You’ll never listen to the reasonable counter-argument, you’ll only fuss over the slander or vile insinuations used for your master. There will be hatred in your heart and you’ll never be able to think empathetically and cogently.
  7. You’ll never be able to stand out in your life. You may become a good person if you are following one individual (saying that the individual is exceptional), but how do you define a good person? 12 years in school, 4 years in college, 40 years of job, and last years in retirement. Is this a good life for you? This way, the world is out of space for everybody is a good human. You may lead a simple and ordinary life if you keep following one good guy, but you’ll never be able to stand out in your life.
  8. You’ll never become what your master/guru/leader is today. A follower remains a follower for his life. You can not replace the leader. If you’re a dreamer, have humongous dreams, walk on your own path and never follow the one already laid out for you. It’s trap and you may end up becoming the stepping stone in someone else life.

Reading books by different writers lets you enter their minds and know the frailty of mortal life. Never read books by only one writer. There is a sea of writers there. As I am writing here, there must be many more writers writing and completing their books. Similarly, never follow one guy. There are 7 billion of them. It may be that you have met about 1000 in your life.

How do you feel about this?