Voting is your right, exercise it!  Photo Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

Voting is your right; exercise it!
Photo Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

I voted for Modi in 2014. But I won’t vote for Bedi in 2015. Here are my reasons:

  1. To shatter the ego of Modi. To show him, he is not the god of Indian politics.
    Like many other Indians, I put my trust in Modi and was responsible in making him Indian PM on 26th May,2014. He is surely doing a good job, as far as current trends are concerned. Positive investment sentiments have emerged and India may again be on the path of development and high growth rate. But is this the only kind of development? Surely, Modi and his second-in-command Arun Jaitely thinks so. They believe India voted them in power so that they can push India on the path to economic development. They believe high growth rate is the only form of development. Arun Jaitely said so in a recent interview to Barkha Dutt. We may see a strong India in future, but even Russia is strong, even China is strong? Do we want to end up like them? Modi is an autocratic politician. But that itself entails fears in the mind of Indian citizens. We know what happened the last time we had an autocratic PM. I need not say more!I want India to be a peaceful and non-violent nation?I want no riots in my country.
    I want the full freedom to express, to write, to opine, and to draw in India.
    I don’t want fringe groups, self-declared moral police, far-right groups, and religious organizations, to spread hatred in the hearts of the people of India.
    I want my nation to remain secular.ButModi is silent today.He is silent on many topics such as religious conversions, forced conversions,gharvapsi, love jihad, and more such dividing issues. IwantModi to come out in open and clear his stand as the Prime Minister of India on all such topics of debate. I want him to make sure freedom of speech and the right to criticize is valued in our nation. I want him to criticize violence and hatred-spreading groups. I want him to give more interviews. I want him to stop the #SelfieWithModi program. It is highly stupid and shows the thinking ofleadersofBJP about the voting population. I want him to end the fanaticism for his name and give voice to logic and merit as the new reason to vote for any individual or party.So, to teach him this lesson, I’ll vote for AAP on 7th Feb, 2015.

  2. To keep the democratic system running healthy.
    BJP has won almost every election in last 2 years. But there are hundreds of political parties in India. IsitthatBJP is more patriotic than others? I guess, no!EnoughofBJP. We made them reach top and now we can also make them bend their knees. We, the people of India, have the true power. Do exercise it!

  3. To check if Modi can accept defeat in a positive way!
    IwonderwhatModi willdoifBJP gets defeated in Delhi. Will he take it to his ego? Will he declare emergency? Will he censure press? I don’t know. So, I’ll check my fears by voting for AAP in the coming elections. IdobelieveBJP will react to a loss in Delhi. Delhi is the national capital and a loss in Delhi would mean anendtoModi wave.

  4. To keep BJP on toes.
    I don’t want my country to become a nation full of fanatics. IwanttheModi wave to end because we live in a democracy.IwantBJP to know that even they can be defeated and they are not in power forever. Fanaticism is the real problem here.JustbecauseModi is the PM, it doesn’t mean whatever he is doing is right. Fanaticism makes you blindly trust the person you follow. It makesthenationweak. I will vote for AAPtokeepBJP on toes. To makesuretheyintrospect about their loss. To make sure they understand what the countrywantsfromModi. We don’t want him to be silent on controversial issueslikeCharlieHebdo. We want him to make himself clear so that we can either vote him out in the next elections or give him another 5 years to build a better India for us. But if he remains quiet, people will definitely vote him out in 2019.

  5. For freedom of speech and expression.
    Recently, some news channels stopped giving space to AAP. Because they are privately owned by the richest man in the country who isclosetoModi? I don’t want to believe that. So, I’ll vote for AAP to make sure we have freedom of speech and expression in our country. To make sure no one is threatening my right to opine and write.

  6. To give AAP another chance as we gave it to BJP a number of times before.
    Top five reasons I gave somehow showed myangerforBJP, more than my favor of AAP at this moment. I don’t reallyregardArvindKejriwal a good politician. I don’t have high hopes from him even if he wins these elections. I believe he is an emotional man, like all of us. He may let his emotions come his way while taking an important decision for Delhi. But we’ll keep him on toes. Media will keep him on toes. I think he deserves another chance, because he didn’t run away after 2014 general elections. Many new political parties come up every day, many more lose the steam and shut themselves down everyday. AAP has stayed for long to deserve another chance that they missed last time because they were vacuous enough to not think the right way. Actually,ArvindKejriwal is more like an entrepreneur. I don’t where this line came from!

  7. Because Bedi said she will go back to speaking engagements at Oxford and Harvard if she loses elections.
    We have no space for impatient, desperate and opportunist leaders. Though,ArvindKejriwal is asdesperateasBedi. So, I believe next 5 years would be fun for Media, perhaps not so fun for Delhi’s development. It isbecausebothBediandKejriwal are immature politicians and organizers. They may take good decisions, but they will take time to understand things better. And time is what we don’t have!

  8. Because it doesn’t matter who will rule Delhi for next 5 years, we are already doomed.
    Who would be a better CM, Bedi or Kejriwal? I don’t know. Both looks similar to me. Both are bad at oratory. Both of them have taken many U-turns. Bedi is impatient, as Kejriwal used to be. Bedi is self-righteous as Kejriwal. Both are irrational people, their rationalizations can even put Arnab Goswami to shame. But I would still vote for Kejriwal because I want an end to national fanaticism and all the other reasons I have stated above.

How do you feel about this?