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Religion – A word that dominated 2014!

2014 was definitely a significant year for India yet I can not really conclude what will this signify when we will look at it 20 years later. 20 years, as a safeguard that BJP would definitely not be in power by then and some guy

Imagine if, disinformation works!

Air is thin, as is information. It rotates, whirls; litters into storm. Ruckus curls, altering it’s form. Unseen, goes unnoticed. Unspoken, hurts. Imagine if, disinformation works! Vehement, staunch; A bourgeois is born. Devoid of a sect, signs a pact. Follows one, remembers none. Brooding momentary

#illridewithyou gives hope!

I am not in good mood today. People are making me sick. They always do! Not everyone, but most of them! Humans have been slaves, masters, thinkers, writers, dreamers, kings, pawns, bourgeois, priests, and every other designation you can come up with or have an

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