I got up in the morning, did my daily chores, and in hurry, like always, drove for office which is only 15 minutes away. I am a rash driver, consider it the seething blood of young age or whatever, I like to drive fast whenever I can. I went past the daily buildings, the edifices, noticing the same colors, billboards, and potholes, untouched, unchanged, and unfilled since months. I was also expecting the same jammed and congested streets, places where I face the heated traffic halts for many minutes every day, but I didn’t halt anywhere, it was all free, vacated by all for me to pass away. No, it looked like a curfew situation or a festival mood, because it was an India vs Australia cricket match in the ICC World Cup Semifinals today.


Cricket is a household game in India.

Yes, India almost came to an unofficial stand still – believing that the game must have had the same effect everywhere around India and all those who must have worked today, must be negligible in terms of our size as an economy – but it was all for good and it is necessary for a young and zealous country like India. We work hard day and night; we indeed deserve unofficial happiness on unofficial holidays. We all went to offices today but most offices know none wants to work when India is in Semifinals of a Cricket World Cup, so they arranged LEDs, LCDs, and projectors for their employees and all of India watched our cricketers losing the chance to lift the world cup trophy again. They all played like Bangladesh. None could hit a century, none handled the pressure of chasing more than 300, and none deserved a victory. I am sorry for the harsh words against our team, but they know these are not my words, it is just the frustration of a middle class man and the emotions associated with the game. None is abusing them for their poor performance, but everyone wanted them to win, so the backlash is pretty obvious.

So, again, coming to the point. India didn’t work for one day. Is it good or bad? I believe there is no harm. Laughter and happiness are necessary and this is why we work hard. Everyone wants to be happy, and if watching a game with friends and colleagues for a full day, drinking and sharing beer and other drinks with them makes one happy and creates a jovial ambiance, how can it be termed bad?

Do we work hard so that India can become a powerful nation? No. We work hard so that our own lives, and those within our circle, which is the whole country in the extreme case – media definitely makes sure of this – but which will be the entire Earth one day, remains safe and secure, and progress in terms of prosperity, happiness and well being. We work hard so that we remain safe and happy. Happiness is really an essential and a looked after commodity when there are no chances of war, when many generations have not witnessed a war.

War makes you run for life, but when your life is not in danger, you look for prosperity, when you have all the prosperity, you look for happiness, and when you have happiness, you start to opine and art becomes your tool of action.

How do you feel about this?