1. For a carte blanche life

    You have a carte blanche when you travel alone. You can go anywhere you wish to go, do all that you’d always thought to do once, and eat, drink, and smoke as per your wish. Basically, you become the owner of your own life, and for sometime, no one – not even your girlfriend, friend, mother, dad, uncle, aunt, boss, or colleague – can dictate you what to do and what not to do.

  2. To meet people

    You meet new people, happy people, sad people, fraud people, genuine people, people that can be easily understood, people you can’t understand, people who looks like you, people who are different from you, people about whom you have stereotypes but turn out exact opposite, people belonging to your region, local people, foreign people, restaurant owners, hotel owners, destitute and orphans, relatives and unknowns, people in trains and buses, auto drivers and cab drivers. Meeting so many different people is best learning process there can be in the whole wide world.

  3. For the thrill involved

    The swift and persistent rush of adrenaline in your body for the risk involved in traveling alone is one of the best feelings in the world. When you wake up after a sweet and sound sleep – you always sleep like a snoozing horse when you travel alone – and realize that you are miles away from any of your loved ones, oh, the thrill! The uncertainty and uncontrollability of the events in the coming day always keeps you on your toes, and is the most missed feeling after you are done traveling alone.

  4. To learn to be happy even at bleak points in life

    One of the most important things that you learn while traveling alone is “how to be happy because of the small things in life even at a stage when there is no apparent hope”. People you meet on the way teaches you to be happy under all circumstances.

  5. To introspect

    You introspect – your own life, your friend’s life, your mother’s life, your goals in life, your present, future, and past, your philosophy in life, and what not! – and spend hours sitting at places, an ordeal you once thought to be so difficult.

  6. To enjoy a Monday and Friday equally

    You look forward to everyday when you travel solo. There is no Sunday, no Monday, and no Friday. Everyday is same. Everyday is special.

  7. To get rid of your fears

    You go to places with almost no crowd, walk through an unlit road at night, travel alone in autos and cabs, and do so many other things that help you get rid of all your fears. Some people also fear being alone in their lives, traveling solo is the best thing that can happen to them. It takes away your fear of being alone in the world, and supplies you with unlimited energy and trust on yourself.

  8. To challenge yourself

    Solo traveling is also about challenging yourself as an individual. Do you think you can spend a night under all circumstances? Do you think you can stay in a cheap dharamshala (hotel)  or a tiny room with no facilities for over 5 days? Do you think you can live in a hut on a beachside? Do you think you can survive a month or two without an air conditioner or your laptop? Do you think you can talk to an individual and never judge him or her? Do you think you can talk freely to a stranger? Do you think you can go out, help a poor man, and never tell anybody? If you doubt yourself in any one of the above questions, you need to travel solo!

  9. To get rid of your prejudices and stereotypes about the place you are visiting

    Eyes don’t lie. When you move around in unknown cities, look at your milieu, and talk to local people, you develop an open and unbiased perspective, far away from the earlier generalizations, stereotypes, and preconceived notions about the place you are visiting.

  10. To start trusting strangers again

    When you travel alone, the one big thing you realize is that people, everywhere you go, are mostly good and thus trustworthy. Some incidents (if they happen with you, like they happened with me) are sure to make you believe in innate humanity existing in abundance in all humans. ( But this doesn’t mean you become incautious of your surroundings).

  11. To choose your own list of part-time fellow travelers or decide not to be with any!

    It is always your choice to share a table in a restaurant with any fellow traveler or not. It is your choice to tour a city with a local friend or host. You are the one who get to choose people with whom you will be spending your precious hours, minutes, or seconds.

  12. To adopt Humanity as your new religion

    When you visit temples, mosques, gurudwaras, church, and all other places of worship, you don’t belong to anyone. You realize the reality that there are thousands of religions, tribes, and cultures in this world with each one of them having their own god, scriptures, and philosophy. Once you understand this reality, you try to learn from each religion as much as you can, and treat all of them equally. Humanity becomes your new religion.

  13. To meet and love animals

    Oh, meeting unknown street and pet animals and spending time with them is one of the best things that happen when you travel solo. You look into their eyes and all you see a craving for love. They are faster than humans to understand the language of love. They don’t have prejudices,and preconceived notions about you when you meet them. If you speak the language of love towards them, they will love you back unconditionally.

  14. To be at peace

    Once a while you go to certain places where you feel tranquil, calm, and at peace. You think freely like the free flow of a bird in a wide sky. You are able to reach to certain conclusions in your life, a ray of happiness hits you, and thus transcends the peace.

  15. To be more responsible

    Traveling solo makes you more responsible and you actually try to take care of yourself in all ways possible (No one wants to die in the hands of a thug in an unknown city).

  16. Part of a carte blanche life – To not get annoyed by fellow travelers and stay at your favorite place for as long as you want.

    When you travel with friends, colleagues and family, you have to do as the majority decides, otherwise it isn’t considered good etiquette. Traveling alone gives you an opportunity to do as you will, without entangling you in any niceties and societal etiquette. You stay wherever you want, and spend your time at different places like forts, museums, lakes, restaurants, temples, mosques, markets, knolls, beaches, cafes, bars, roadside, and motels, in different cities, as you like it!

How do you feel about this?